16+ The Best DIY Farmhouse Table Plans for Inspiration

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Applying farmhouse style in your house gives a warm feeling that nothing else can replicate. Virtually everyone loves this design, no matter if they live in the city or in the countryside. Particularly, dining tables with farmhouse style have gained much admiration because of several reasons. These gorgeous tables can be made easily without spending too much on it. In this article, you will find out the best farmhouse table plans to add to your house.

If you are confident enough with your woodworking skills, you can make your own customized farmhouse table because they are not that difficult to make. In the list below, you can also find the list of tools and materials so you don’t spend too much time listing these things.

Husky Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

Created by Ana white, this design is very durable compared to other designs, but oddly enough, it maintains a traditional look. This table has the height of 30 inches and the length is 72 inches. You can choose to use either dark wood or white wood to suit your style. There are lots of farmhouse table plans choices in the market that complement your style and they can usually be modified to meet your standards.

The Bright Kitchen Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

A glance of this table will immediately make you feel like it belongs in a fresh, bright room. Moreover, the combination of a solid wood top and white legs gives a brighter feel to this table. If you are looking for a farmhouse table that adds liveliness to your room, this once could be the choice.

The Outdoor Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

This design is far from traditional, but it is the best fit for any outdoor living space. Moreover, it will be beneficial if you entertain guests frequently. The size is perfect to hold families of any size. Therefore, this choice of farmhouse table plans one is a great choice if you often gather in big groups.

DIY Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

Unlike other farmhouse tables you see, this one does not have a finished and polished look. However, if you are fond of this style, this one could be the perfect farmhouse table. The sturdiness of the structure will help it last for years and many memories will be made around it.

The Large Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

If you have a large family and need a suitable place to gather around, consider the design of this farmhouse table. This one holds up to eight people and has a wonderful design. The combination of spaciousness and rustic design will complement the design of your house.

The Wide Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

Having a wide farmhouse table is useful if you need to gather many people for a special occasion, such as thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. There is no need for additional parts – the table itself is enough to hold everything you can imagine.

Farmhouse Table with Bench

Farmhouse Table Plans

The design of this table makes your room more welcoming and functional. By adding this table, your kitchen can be used for many occasions since it can hold a bigger number of people. If you need to have this kind of space, consider this design that will provide a space for chatting over some good food.

The Rustic Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

The rustic farmhouse table design is just stunning. The choice of purposefully mismatched chairs placed around the table only adds more character. Although the design is quite simple, it is also sturdy, which prevents it from collapsing. With some basic carpentry skills, you can get this gorgeous table in no time.

The Easy Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

Having no time left to construct complicated table designs? Then you need to choose this design. The design indeed looks uncomplicated, and it is a piece of cake to build even for the most inexperienced carpenters. If you want a simple farmhouse table with some character, this one is the way to go.

The Simple White Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

This one will definitely catch your eyes if you are looking for the most effortless designs to build. Although the design of the chairs is slightly more complex, you will be able to build them with some patience. The wooden top and painted legs bring all the potential in this farmhouse table. If you want a statement in your house, add this choice of farmhouse table plans to get the desired effect.

The Gigantic Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

Need more space for gathering? Then you need to think about farmhouse table plans that can easily fit ten people or more. Although this need rarely arises if your house is not that spacious, you should definitely choose this one if needed. There is almost no chance of outgrowing this table.

The Cherished Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

Adding accents to a regular table will instantly make it more unique and favorable. Don’t hesitate to build this farmhouse table because it does not require a high level of carpentry. You only need to build a regular table, then add some decorations and you’ll get a pimped-out table shortly.

The Double Bench Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

Having an additional bench on your table makes it easier to fit in more people when needed to. Although there are more parts to be included than before, this table maintains its simplicity, elegance, and beauty. The style can also be adjusted, whether you want it to look modern or rustic.

The Simple Farmhouse Table with Benches

Farmhouse Table Plans

The seating and design of this farmhouse table makes everyone who sees it fall in love. The simplicity is a plus point for anyone who isn’t really fond of intricate designs. Building this table is also easier than most designs. Also, the addition of benches adds a welcoming feel.

The Modern Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

Although this design looks basic, it is certainly easier to build than the others. Adding a modern twist to the existing design increases the appeal of this farmhouse table.

The Simple Farm Table

Farmhouse Table Plans

This one is another simple farmhouse table design that still stands out from the others. It looks modest, and the construction process does not take as long. Depending on the carpentry skills you possess, you can either choose to purchase or build the chairs. If you need sufficient amount of seating, this one could be the best choice.

Choose one of the most recommended farmhouse table plans to get a desirable house design. Simply enhancing one part of the house, such as the table, will bring a noteworthy effect in the overall design.

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