17 Various Garden Fence Ideas with Low Budget

Some of you may be looking for ideas of fencing for your house. Your garden will be prettier if you are considering the shape and color of your fence. The backyard may look lovely with the right model of the fence. However, people sometimes think that placing the fence for their house is not really necessary and it will cost much. Here, we will try to help you by providing various garden fence ideas.

If your budget is not much, you are able to make DIY garden fences. It will need more equipment and hard work but the result is going to excite you.  If you are so busy with works and you have no time to make the garden fence, you are still able to find a cheap fence for your house in any store or company.

So, here are the garden fence ideas that may inspire you:

1. Garden Fences

Garden Fence Ideas

The idea of having simple garden fences is here. The material for the simple and nice garden fence is iron. It is easy to find the materials so does the way of making. The minimalist fence is so much recommended for you who are busy but want to have a beautiful garden in the backyard. It will also look best for the small garden.

2. Add Privacy and Beauty

Garden Fence Ideas

A garden is a beautiful spot for you to clear your mind by looking at the lovely flowers. You surely do not want any single critter to ruin your precious garden. That is why you need the garden fence for the outdoor space of your house.

The garden fence ideas will not only protect your precious plants but also give you more inspiration than that. The garden could be a place for you and your partner or your family to enjoy morning breakfast. The idea of having private space in your garden from Brooke Giannetti could be brought into reality. It requires your effort to make DIY garden fence made of wood and chicken wire. Then, you can place the dinner set in the middle of the private space.

3. Modern Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

Are you a type of fancy person? If you are so stylish including remaking your garden style, the modern garden fence ideas will be perfect for you. You can use some particular pattern for your fence. Blog Lovin’ suggests you have a geometric pattern for the wooden garden fence. It will give a sense of futuristic in your garden.

4. Rustic Fences

Garden Fence Ideas

Having rustic fences becomes the favorite of all people who have a garden in their house. The design is very simple. You are able to see how you can make the garden fence on Merry Pad blog. The rustic wood will be the material for rustic garden fence ideas. Your vegetable garden is safe here.

5. Wood Slat Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

Wood slat garden fence ideas are available for you who want more closed and secured garden fence. The wood slat fence of Bower Power will completely cover your garden in the yard so that people cannot easily see what you have inside. It is perfect if you have trees bear fruits in your backyard.

6. Wooden Posts and Chicken Wire Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

Décor It Daring shows many options of garden fence ideas. One of the most attractive ideas is the fence with wooden posts and chicken wire. The garden and plants are still visible.

7. Tall Backyard Fences

Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fence ideas will not only stop to guard your plants but also provide your idea of having a small living room at the backyard. This idea from One Kings Lane is suitable to apply if you have a spacious garden. The tall backyard fences will dark color will add the nuance of mysterious but elegant. You can enjoy your private time with your family without worrying about others can see you. The cost may be expensive but the quality time you have is irreplaceable.

8. Bamboo Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

What is more natural than using the nature plants itself? Using bamboo fence will be on the list of garden fence ideas for the yard. The fresh green color of bamboo will make your plants and flowers look more living than before.

9. Traditional Picket Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

Being classic is never boring. This motto suits the idea of having a traditional picket fence. The garden fence ideas from Homebunch suggest you to try having a white wooden traditional picket fence for your garden. The garden will look pretty as soon as you place the fence.

10. Railway Sleepers as a Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

The unique and oldies fence at the yard can be interesting to be applied. It looks cute if you combine the fence with the stone and colorful flowers. The deep and dark color of the railway sleepers will match very well.

11. Repurpose Pallets

Garden Fence Ideas

Wooden pallets are everywhere. You can easily find wooden pallets in your area of living. It could be one of the easiest materials to create a DIY garden fence. Backyard Boss gives many garden fence ideas with the material of wood pallets. The only thing you should do is just organizing the size and shape of the pallets into a great garden fence.

12. Living Fences

Garden Fence Ideas

If your house is super big and you have a spacious yard, you should try to apply living garden fence ideas. This living fence is freeing your flowers to grow taller. It also lets your plants to look beautifully through the space between the fences. The white living fence will match any color of your flowers.

13. White Fences

Garden Fence Ideas

White picket fences are acceptable for your entrance fence. The nuance of the house will be vintage and it feels homey. The rounded shape of the wooden fence seems inviting more guests to visit your house.

14. Painted Fences

Garden Fence Ideas

Do you love making something with your kids? If you do, trying the garden fence ideas with paint will be fun. The wooden based fences with faded colors look creepy. The solution is you can paint the fence with cute sunflowers on it.

15. Rustic Split Rail Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

The rustic split rail fence will add a sense of art in your garden. The rough scratches of the wooden fence are well mingled with bright colored flowers. It also has an aesthetic result for your backyard.

16. Durable and Attractive Option

Garden Fence Ideas

This option may be a little bit expensive. However, it will solve your concern with animals attacking your plants. The tall and strong material of heavy metal and wire will keep your garden save.

17. Lighting on Fences

Garden Fence Ideas

Putting small glass bulbs along your white wooden fences is the best idea for your spacious garden. The garden fence ideas from miumari_74 give you the creative way to make your flowers and fences shine.

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