13 Fresh and Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Adding a backsplash in your kitchen will give a positive impact on the overall design. Usually, a backsplash is added above a countertop or a sink to prevent damage caused by moisture. Today, backsplashes are not only protecting the wall from damage, but also serves as a design element in your kitchen. That’s why you need the best kitchen backsplash ideas.

There are so many designs that can add special characteristics and style to the kitchen. If you are looking for additional design elements that helps in maintaining the function and value of your kitchen, you have come to the right place.

Tin Wall

kitchen backsplash ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to find backsplash ideas that don’t cost a fortune and easy to install. In this case, it will be helpful to look for unconventional ideas.

If you want to add a vintage charm to your kitchen while being original, try installing a tin backsplash in your kitchen. For an additional spark, add filigree details. Moreover, having a backsplash made from tin is also easier to clean and maintain compared to other materials. You will not need to alter it for at least a few years.

Accent Wall Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen backsplash ideas

In most cases, you don’t need to have kitchen backsplash ideas that covers your kitchen entirely. If only a small part of the kitchen needs to be covered with backsplash, consider making an accent wall in certain parts, such as behind the stove.

By choosing a small part of the kitchen to be covered with accented backsplash, you can have more choices of material. From wallpaper, tile, to shiplap, the sky is the limit. Moreover, having an accented part in your kitchen will add aesthetic value without much spending.

Mirrored Tile

kitchen backsplash ideas

When you are aiming for a glamorous look in the house, mirror is usually one of the best material choices. Mirrors can reflect light, add depth, and add an illusion of the kitchen appearing larger than it actually is.

Additionally, you check yourself out in the mirror while preparing to entertain guests in the kitchen. Maintaining the cleanness of mirrors could not be easier – just wipe off any dirt and the backsplash will be squeaky clean in no time.


kitchen backsplash ideas

White is most people’s favorite color, and if you are one of them, consider having a shiplap kitchen backsplash. Without having to use common white-colored ceramic tiles, shiplap will be the perfect choice for your kitchen’s backsplash material. Although it appears sleek and minimal, this material actually does not cost much so you can save your budget for remodeling other parts of the house.

Creating a shiplap kitchen backsplash will ensure that your kitchen looks unique and elegant at the same time.

Molded Backsplash

kitchen backsplash ideas

This one is a great option is you do not use the kitchen very frequently. Without using too much effort, molded panels used to build the backsplash in your kitchen is a striking alternative to regular tiles because they will provide a unique look and feel.

Even if you rarely use your kitchen and decide to make it as decorative as possible, keep the reselling potential in mind. If you are planning to move in the near future, do not deviate too far from convenience because no one wants to own a gorgeous, but unusable kitchen.

Blue and White Tiles

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The choice of blue and white is inspired by Chinoiseries and traditional Moroccan patterns. This combination will undeniably add a rich and exotic touch to the design of your kitchen, even if it used to have a very common design. If you are still in doubt of what color scheme to use in the kitchen, blue and white could be the one.

Use this color combination as a basis to create more personalized designs. Vary the styles throughout the room to add some interest.

A Brilliant Mural

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Want to make sure that no one else has the design of your kitchen? Hire a painter or an artist to hand paint a mural on the walls of your kitchen. Some of the advantages of choosing this idea is that you can boost the value of your dwelling, while being awestruck by its beauty.

Although this is not a good option if you are on a budget, consider investing in this one if you have your funds ready. A custom and hand-painted mural inside your house will surely increase the value of your property if you decide to sell or rent it out one day. For the maximum benefit, avoid choosing designs that are too commonly found because they will bore you and other people out in no time.

Unique Tile Shapes

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Adding a backsplash is a great opportunity to choose uniquely shaped tiles to add beauty in your kitchen.In the market, you can discover tiles that have shapes other than commonly seen squares and rectangles. By choosing these kinds of tiles, you will get a unique and incomparable kitchen design.

Beveled White Tiles

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Tiles that have bevels in their design are also known as subway tiles. The addition of bevels in tiles’ design can actually turn them into something more valuable and attractive. This is definitely the way to go if you are aiming for a retro vibe in the kitchen while maintaining the elegance and style. Pair beveled white tiles with white walls and furniture to create a bright and enviable kitchen, or combine them with darker colors to create a mesmerizing contrast. Additionally, the color white will not likely to go out of style, so this is also a great option if you are planning to resell your house in the future.

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

kitchen backsplash ideas

Having hexagonal tiles in a room will always make it look more updated, fresh, and unique. When getting kitchen backsplash ideas, try applying hexagonal mosaic tiles. You can either choose matching colors if there is a dominant color in your kitchen, or you can choose to differentiate textures in a mono-colored kitchen.

One of the best examples is to combine white mosaic tiles with dark grout. This will emphasize the beauty of the backsplash and add an amazing graphic effect to the kitchen, even when it is not spacious. The choice of using uniquely shaped tiles is also more budget-friendly compared to the other options.

Penny Tiles

kitchen backsplash ideas

Using penny tiles as the material to build kitchen backsplash ideas is definitely a great choice if resale value is one of your considerations. This is best if you are not planning to renew the kitchen backsplash in the next few years. Although newer trends are always commencing, the usage of penny tiles is the least likely to decline in a few years.

Herringbone Tiles

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Arranging the tiles you use in your backsplash in an uncommon pattern will instantly create a major difference. Even if the design of your kitchen is plain and standard, a unique tile arrangement certainly helps in adding exquisiteness. The recommended material to use in creating a herringbone pattern is dark grout. This will aid in drawing attention to the layout of your kitchen tiles. Consider creating an art-deco or minimalist style in the kitchen for a subtle, calm appearance.

Pale Yellow Tiles

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When you are aiming for a soothing effect every time you visit the kitchen, pale yellow is probably the best choice of color. Although it might look outdated in some cases, paring pale yellow tiles with more updated designs of furniture will create an astonishing kitchen.

We hope you will get the right inspiration of kitchen backsplash ideas. In conclusion, having a backsplash will add value and attractiveness to your kitchen.

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