18+ Awesome Unfinished Basement Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Let us ask you a question. Which part of the house is often overlooked by most homeowners? That’s right. The basement. The basement is often seen as the place where most homeowners store the items they don’t use frequently. Do you have an unfinished basement? If you do, we have some unfinished basement ideas to turn your unfinished basement as something more interesting than storage.

There is no exact rule in how you should treat your basement. For some people, the basement is their storage, for some others, it is an extra living room, a workshop, a temporary escape from the daily routine, and even a gym. To get you inspired, we listed some ideas for your unfinished basement. Let’s start.

Cozy and Warm Living Room

Unfinished Basement Ideas

Do you have a spacious unfinished basement? If you do, why not turn it into an extra living room? Just add tables, chairs, and sofas to your unfinished basement and voila! You get yourself another living room where you, your family, and friends can spend your time together. Adding a pool table in the middle is a good idea, too.

Family and Entertainment Room

Unfinished Basement Ideas

This is another way to make use of a large unfinished basement. However, rather than turning into an extra living room, this time it turns into a family and entertainment room. This way, you will be able to enjoy entertainment with your family, guests, and friends.

Small and Simple Storage

Unfinished Basement Ideas

If you insist on turning your unfinished basement into storage, this is one you can do it. You don’t have to remodel it, nor adding furniture inside. What you need to do is to organize things properly. You can use storage racks, for example.


Unfinished Basement Ideas

This is certainly one of the best unfinished basement ideas. Turning an unfinished basement into a bar gives an extra room where you can gather with your family, guests, and friends. Not only that, you will have a room where you can have a party, too. Now that’s awesome.

Scandinavian Style Room

Unfinished Basement Ideas

Scandinavian décor is one of the most popular home décors right now. If you want to try it but still don’t know whether it is good enough for the entire house, you can apply it to your basement and see if it suits your taste.

Retro Industrial Living Room

Unfinished Basement Ideas

Retro style is timeless. And it seems that it will not be forgotten. Well, how could it be? It is still one of the best home décors right now. A retro living room like in the picture makes it as if you are living in the past.

Modern Living Room

Unfinished Basement Ideas

There is no such thing as the best design for the unfinished basement. In other words, you are free to design it as you wish. Among our unfinished basement ideas here is to create a living room in modern décor. A modern living room is always great, even if it is located in the basement.

Modern and Minimalist LivingRoom

Unfinished Basement Ideas

Being modern does not mean you have to add excessive furniture or items to the basement. On the contrary, you can have a modern and minimalist décor. The unfinished basement in the picture, despite only having minimal furniture, looks very inviting, isn’t it?

Naturalist Multipurpose Room

Unfinished Basement Ideas

Want a bit of natural touch in your house? Using wooden surfaces for your unfinished basement will do. In the picture, you can see that the room is dominated with wooden surfaces. It looks beautiful. Notice the log in the middle. The log is both a support and a decoration.

Luxury Home Entertainment Space

Unfinished Basement Ideas

No one says you can’t be luxurious. So, why not design your unfinished basement in a luxurious design like in the picture? It looks comfortable, cozy, and inviting. It is certainly a room where you want to spend your time in.

Practical Unfinished Basement Ideas: Home Gym

Unfinished Basement Ideas

Exercise is important to keep our body healthy. However, not everyone wants to do it in a gym. Many people want to do it in their homes. If you are one of these people, consider turning your unfinished basement into a home gym.


Unfinished Basement Ideas

Whichever way you want to design your unfinished basement, adding rugs is always a good idea. Adding rugs can make the basement a bit warmer. Not only that, the rugs can complement the overall look of the room as well.


Unfinished Basement Ideas

Another way to make an unfinished basement more appealing is to add drapes. Drapes will cover the ceiling of the basement, which often looks unappealing uncovered.

Underground Workshop

Unfinished Basement Ideas

A workshop is a must-have for DIY-ers. A workshop is a place where you store all your equipment and where you can do your project. As such, among other unfinished basement ideas, this one is the best for DIY-ers.

Basement Stairs Decoration

Unfinished Basement Ideas

The basement stairs can look more appealing if you decorate it.  Even simple paintings or attachable small carpets can do wonder.

Temporary Partition

Unfinished Basement Ideas

A temporary partition is a good addition if you want to divide the basement into several parts depending on the way you want to use them. A temporary partition, unlike concrete walls, can be moved any time you want, enabling you to change the design of the basement more freely.


Unfinished Basement Ideas

The concrete floor of an unfinished basement looks dull and boring. One way to make it more interesting is to coat it in colors such as green, red, yellow, or navy blue. It is a simple touch but it does make a huge difference.

Art Studio

Unfinished Basement Ideas

A basement art studio is nice, not only because it doesn’t take space in the house, but it is also because it will be easier to clean. In case there is a mess in the studio, it can be cleaned easily.


These are some examples of things you can do with your unfinished basement. Of course, there are still many more things you can do other than the above. What we want to do here is simply to inspire you. Speaking of which, what do you think about the ideas above? Which unfinished basement ideas above do you like the most?

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